Merge Conflict

Sponsor Merge Conflict

Sponsor Merge Conflict

We reach thousands of unique listeners per episode, and are currently offering sponsorship spots for upcoming episodes.

Episodes contain up to two sponsorships, each with:

  • A live read by a host during the episode, approximately 60-90 seconds long. The read can be scripted or free form (preferred) with topics to cover.
  • A link and short description at the bottom of each episode's post. Optional coupon code can be highlighted.
  • Short 30 second pre-roll ads are also available.

Merge Conflict reaches a dedicated group of developers with a wide range of development topic interest including mobile, web, desktop, testing, Xamarin, gaming, and all sorts of topics. We are open to a wide range of sponsors including mobile developer tools and services, but also open to awesome things such as apps, shaving products, or whatever awesome products that our listeners would be interested in.

Interested in sponsoring? We offer several different sponsorship packages that include pre and mid-roll reads. Drop us an email, we would love to hear from you.